Trinidad Christian Center was founded in May of 1980, so that all might know the mystery of God’s will; the demonstration of His power and wisdom that goes beyond knowledge; for the proclamation of the Truth that sets men free; the sanctification of the family; guidance of children; salvation of the lost and for aggression against evil.

Trinidad Christian Center is the fulfilment of a vision given to founder Apostle Dr Austin J de Bourg who saw in the spirit people of all creed, race and nationality coming excitedly to a Christian Center to be ministered to and taught the word of God.  Trinidad Christian Center or TCC as we are fondly called has been raised up by God as a demonstration to the world that Jesus Christ is the only true builder of the Church and that it is not the work of a man but the work of the Holy Spirit.


Trinidad Christian Center - The Fulfilment of a Vision - Apostle Dr. Austin J. de Bourg