International Missions


In October 2006 we were invited to conduct an open air crusade and Ministerial Training in the city of Vishakapatnam, South India. As Apostle de Bourg began to address the large crowd God-the-Father spoke to him and told him to focus on training the ministers and let the ministers carry on the crusade. Apostle made this announcement to the host Pastor and he directed his attention as the Father had directed him.

When the crusade and training session ended Apostle and his associate, Rev. Kelvin Siewdass were invited by the host Pastor, Silvi Kothapally to speak at his Sunday morning service in the city of Suryapet. The Church building was very small, poorly ventilated and extremely humid. Apostle de Bourg asked Rev. Siewdass to preach while he sat on the outside and listened to the message and the ministry towards the people. Apostle observed ladies exiting the church and returning after some time. At the end of the service, out of curiosity, he asked the host Pastor about the movements of the ladies and was told... Read More

MALAWI – Taking a Stand Against Hunger

Flag of MalawiIn a nation where every 5 seconds a child dies from hunger related causes, every bit of help counts.  Trinidad Christian Center is committed to taking a stand against hunger in the impoverished nation of Malawi by equipping the people to feed themselves. 

Meet Stella

Orphan from Blantyre, Malawi

I first met 10 year old Stella Checullo on the dusty village streets of Durande, Blantyre a village in the poverty stricken nation of Malawi.  Stella, one of the over one million orphans in the nation of Malawi, lost her father when she was just 3 years old... Read More 


Newspaper reports on the open-air Crusade held in Haiti on Sunday 27th February 2005 hailed the event as ‘A Miracle’.  Newspaper Headlines read as follows:

  • Largest Crowd Ever at a 1-day Crusade!
  • Never Before! - A Gospel Crusade in Haiti - Unchallenged by Opposing Forces!
Usually, the witch doctors in opposition would be on the site to create disturbances. This time Rev. de Bourg, under the evangelistic anointing warned the crowd against deliberate disturbances or face the consequences of divine intervention. This was the first time in an open air crusade in Haiti the witch doctors did not create a crowd frenzy.

Over 30 thousand people attended the Open air Crusade.  There were outstanding miracles and many were delivered and set free.  Television cameras beamed the night’s events live into the homes of those who were unable to attend adding to those gathered on site. Nothing could have stopped this move of God. The victory was already won in the realm of the spirit. Month after month our ministry was locked in intense prayer, intercession and spiritual warfare on behalf of Haiti and this was the result. Dreams and visions from the Lord had foretold the victory.

Picture of the crusade in Haiti 2005The Teaching Symposium for pastors and church leaders was an unprecedented mix of denominational heads.  The session began the following morning with representatives from ten different denominations in attendance, their hunger for God being the binding cord that united this unlikely group.  All were revived, restored and refreshed united in purpose to carry what they received to their respective Assemblies and to restore the Church in Haiti.

We continue to hold Haiti before the Lord in prayer to continue what He has started.  We want to see Haiti completely turn around and God’s absolute vision for Haiti fulfilled.


It was on the streets of Salzburg Austria, many years ago, where the Lord came to Apostle, Dr. Austin J. de Bourg and granted him the born again experience.   Austria holds a special place in the heart of our Apostle and through him we are involved in mentoring and teaching there, taking some beyond their religion into a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. 

Local Missions

Trinidad Christian Center is well known throughout our nation and over the years we have partaken in many community projects and national initiatives. Our evangelism thrust has affected communities and caused many to come to know Jesus Christ as their personal Saviour and Lord.  We also provide on-going support to other local churches, physical in terms of construction as well as, technical and spiritual and have made significant inputs into several Full Gospel, Pentecostal and Ethiopian Orthodox churches in this nation.  Over the years we established a significant presence in the local media, through our television programme, Miraculous Experiences which aired during prime time and our radio programme, A More Excellent Way which was broadcasted locally and regionally during peak hours.  Today our website is the main vehicle through which we impact our nation while extending our reach way beyond our shores to the nations around the world through live broadcasts of scheduled services, teachings, messages and blogs.