In October 2006 we were invited to conduct an open air crusade and Ministerial Training in the city of Vishakapatnam, South India. As Apostle de Bourg began to address the large crowd God-the-Father spoke to him and told him to focus on training the ministers and let the ministers carry on the crusade. Apostle made this announcement to the host Pastor and he directed his attention as the Father had directed him.

When the crusade and training session ended Apostle and his associate, Rev. Kelvin Siewdass were invited by the host Pastor, Silvi Kothapally to speak at his Sunday morning service in the city of Suryapet. The Church building was very small, poorly ventilated and extremely humid. Apostle de Bourg asked Rev. Siewdass to preach while he sat on the outside and listened to the message and the ministry towards the people. Apostle observed ladies exiting the church and returning after some time. At the end of the service, out of curiosity, he asked the host Pastor about the movements of the ladies and was told that they were going to the bushes which served as a toilet for them. It was their only option because there were no washroom facilities in the little Church. Apostle de Bourg reported that a deep compassion gripped him because he felt that anyone of those women could have been his mother. He wept as he could not hold back the tears of sadness. This was followed by a very strong conviction from the Lord, Jesus Christ to build a Church with proper bathroom facilities for the people.

There were issues with some of the neighbors having a Christian Church within their vicinity and had lodged their concerns with the authorities. When these issues were made known to the Apostle, he immediately took steps in the realm of the spirit to remove the hindrances and gave to Pastor Silvi a word of wisdom and a word of knowledge on changes that were necessary. He then told him that in two weeks the authorities would visit him with the view to using the reports of the neighbors to justify their non-response to his application to expand the size of his little Church.  Pastor Silvi made the adjustments. In two weeks a city official unexpectedly visited the Church site, spoke with Pastor Silvi and left. Within a few days permission was granted giving approval to expand his Church.

Original Church Building in Suryapet

Construction of the New Sanctuary

On the 10th October, 2009, the Siloam Worship Centre in Suryapet was dedicated to the Lord and His service.  This modern, multi-level sanctuary seats 2500 and is the first of its kind in that region. It has 36 fully functional toilets and the second level houses resident orphans.

Siloam Worship Centre – 2500 capacity church

Since the opening of the Siloam Worship Centre, thousands of ministers have attended training sessions and left better equipped and have been able to more effectively expand their ministry. The dead were raised, persecutors expired and anointing’s increased. 

Ministry Training Seminars

The work in India continues to expand.