Worldwide Revival

In 2001, the Lord called us to pray for world revival. In pursuing the call, the flames of revival were ignited. Visions, Dreams and Prophetic Utterances became an ongoing part of the spirit’s working in our assembly. 

Visions and Dreams

The River of Revival

I saw our church, TCC then I saw in the midst of it, a fountain out of which, flowed clear, strong gushing water. This water flowed out of the fountain onto the streets covering the city. The water, as a large river began to flow throughout the island, spilling out beyond its shores.
Further to this, I saw the earth, like a globe with similar fountains mapped out at locations under God's divine protection. From all these fountains, rivers began to flow first as small streams then larger and larger until they began to merge into one large river that flowed throughout the earth. (Vision received by a member while praying)

Taking His Light to the Nations

I saw a river flowing from heaven down towards the earth, which was black in colour. The Lord then witnessed to my spirit that this was the present condition of the earth as a result of sin. Then, as a dot on this blackened globe, I saw a tiny sparkle of light penetrating the blackness. The Lord revealed that this light was Trinidad Christian Center and that we are mandated to take His light to the four corners of the earth. Then I saw the sparkling dot representing Trinidad Christian Center on the black globe actually lift off its spot and go to another spot on the globe, then to another and then to another, leaving a trail of the diamond-like sparkle of the river. This process continued until the whole earth was covered with the light from heaven. (Vision received by a member during worship)

Lift High the Banner of the Lord

I saw a vast desert in a valley, dry and barren. Then I saw the Lord's Army marching into that valley. I beheld a multitude marching in rank, some with swords, others with spears and many with glorious banners. Above them were a host of angels singing a chorus of praise to God. "Lift High the Lord your Banner, Lift High the Lord He is King...". In the midst of these angels were another group of angels carrying a huge banner with the name JESUS and as I looked ahead, the Glory of the Lord shone brighter than the sun. As I turned my gaze away from the Glory back to the valley, the Army of God was gone and the entire valley was transformed into a green field with trees and lush vegetation. Then clouds appeared in the sky and rain began to fall in torrents, causing rivers to flow all over the place, then I heard the voice of a mighty angel proclaim:

Worthy is the Lamb who sits upon the throne. His kingdom come. His will be done on earth as it is in heaven. He draweth nigh. His rod and His sword are lifted high. The darkness is driven away by His light. The rulers of this world tremble and their kingdoms crumble. The Mighty One of Israel moves and He is going forth. And He proceeds with His Son. His Son goes forth with His Church. The Lord Will Fight All Our Battles  (Vision received by a member during Corporate Prayer)

Prophetic Messages

Proclaim a Fast - 7 Days!

Thus says the Lord, “Proclaim a fast over yourselves … over the next 7 days … for I will come upon you in a way that you have never seen before. I will come with gifts; I will come with anointings but beware, O Church; beware my servants, my people for these gifts are required of you when I return. These gifts are for the nations; these gifts are for the people; these gifts are for your families, for your friends, for your co-workers; for the weak, the hungry, the dying, the destitute and the poor.  Oh indeed I will come, I will come, Church, I will come.  Seven days proclaim a fast for I will come. But watch and beware, for these gifts will be required of you.  I require double. Take the talents that I will give you and produce a hundred fold for I long to say of you, “enter into my rest, good and faithful servants”  The nations are looking at you, Church; the nations are looking at you, Trinidad Christian Center.  They cry, “O where is the manifestation of the Sons of God?”  Seven days! Beware! (Spoken by a worship minister after the worship on December 22nd 2013)

A People Raised Up by God to Reach Other Nations

"Let the waters come forth like a river. Let the souls pour in like rain. Let the land flood like in the days of Noah. Let the people speak forth that which Elijah and Ezekiel spoke. Let the days of Joel be renewed! Let the souls of the nations cleave to this land. Let the people know of my glory. Let my glory pour out upon the nations of the earth!

Yes, from here my glory will be poured out upon the nations of the earth, and from here the tribes and the peoples of the earth will know that I am He who started a work, a great work in a small nation. "

God's Visitation to the Nations

"Behold the nations, as a barren land are about to be visited with a fresh breath of My Spirit, and I will rain on the barren places. I will make the wilderness and the desert a land flowing with milk and honey. I will make the crooked places straight and this nation will be known to all as My Chosen."

God's Call to Africa

"Behold the nations are waiting. The nations are waiting. Behold Africa, a diamond hidden in the dirt. A nation where Sauls will turn to Pauls. Where the cries of the people are holy, where genuine men and women of God are waiting on one man, the man, you sit under. Weep not at his trials but rejoice for this is the path he has to take to endure that which is to come."

"The world has changed, man has changed, systems and methods have changed, and the approach to reaching the world must also change by demonstrating the bigness of our God to the world. God is getting ready to visit the earth as He did in the land of Egypt centuries ago."  Apostle Dr. Austin J. de Bourg