2014 January


Today, my dear husband and I celebrate our 19th year of marriage. At the risk of sounding cheesy, I have to admit that it seems like yesterday that we exchanged those vows. So many times couples around us, both young and old, comment on our relationship with each other. Some young folk have even said […]


I started out excitedly on day 1…  Much like the people of Israel as they left Egypt to claim the land that God promised them…  I had never fasted for 40 days before…  I was excited about many things…  I was going to discover new dimensions in God…  I was going to see His Glory […]


Yup!  I went there with my blog heading… ’cause it’s true! I was scrolling through my facebook news feed the other day, and saw a young person announcing their thoughts on babies, with nothing edifying to say.  In fact, people often joked when I got pregnant with my 2nd son, Caleb Carter, “Oh my! Don’t […]


Got Anxiety?

by / January 27, 2014

I never realized how many anxious people are out there until I sat behind the wheel of a car…OMG!!!! I had to ask God what is going on??!!!  If this is the way we drive, what is happening to our lives? There must be a direct link between our expressions on the roadway and our […]