2014 April


Have you ever really listened to the lingo of birds? Isn’t it just fabulous?! Today, I sit at my window and tune in to the audible melody of birds. There is one bird in particular, ‘Kiskadee’ by name, who though a very small bird, is known for its vocalization and fearless behavior. I realize that […]


Tribute to His Excellency Arthur Napoleon Raymond Robinson, T.C., O.C.C., S.C., former President and Prime Minister of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago from the Members of Trinidad Christian Center  It was with sadness that we received the news of the passing of His Excellency Arthur N.R. Robinson. A distinguished statesman, his was a life […]


My husband is always amused whenever I sit to watch a biblical movie.  I am always armed with my Bible so that I can search the scriptures to verify anything that seems to deviate from the truth.  One would wonder why I even bother to watch them, but truth be told, I love biblical movies. […]