2014 May


Can a wounded soldier enter into battle and win victoriously? Everyday we face battles in this land of the living. When we suffer severe wounds how do we deal with the healing process? Do we bandage up and walk back onto the battlefield hoping no one would notice? Have we used pain killers (distractions) to […]

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Today, one of my nearest and dearest friends had a baby. A beautiful baby girl. Her first girl. She and her husband are now proud parents to three precious little ones: my godsons, ages (almost) 4 and (almost) 2 years, and the new little princess. They are thrilled and so am I…and that, my friends, is […]


The Sweet Sound

by / May 5, 2014

Some of you may know this worship song, “I love You Lord, and I lift my voice, to worship You, oh my soul rejoice! Take joy my King, in what You hear. Let it be a sweet, sweet sound in Your ear!”  You may also know this verse of scripture: “How shall we sing the […]