2014 July

Crossroads sign with solution

I will be starting this story from the middle, not when I found Jesus but when I turned away from him and turned away from Christianity. The next logical question from you, dear reader, would be “why?”.  It was the mid-1990’s and in my mid-teens when I left the church and returned to a life […]


The Gift of Failure

by / July 30, 2014

The months of April, May and June were particularly horrible for me and initially very bruising to my ego, emotions, physical and mental health. I found myself dissolved in many tears, dreading going to work and spending many sleepless nights tossing and turning. These were all manifestations of the way in which my pride reacted […]


I have recently given birth to my first child – a beautiful baby girl. As I review the journey to this point, it is nothing short of AMAZING the way that GOD has managed this pregnancy; how the application of the Word and Godly principles has been undisputedly effective.  I wish to give God public […]

sunset ower a dry land

“Nothing can live in unbroken sunshine. Constant joy and happiness, with no clouds on the horizon, produces drought. Night is as important as day; the sun must be followed by clouds and rain. Nonstop sunshine only creates a desert. We don’t enjoy storms, but they’re an essential part of a complete life, and the key […]