I love you… What’s your name?

By / April 17, 2015


Recently I saw a picture of a 15 year old girl who got her right cheek tattooed…  She looked so happy with her decision and I thought to myself… Ignorance is such bliss!  Young people (sometimes the “not so young”) really believe that they know stuff.  They make decisions based on their limited reservoir of experience and they are oblivious to the long term consequences.  Will she still be proud of her tattoo when it hinders her chances in the corporate world or when she is 60 and the tattooed image appears crumpled, sad and just “wrong”…?

The bottom line is, we can’t ignore the importance of experience.  Experience is gained over time and many times we don’t know what we don’t know because we never took to time to know it…  Lol!  You can read that again… It’s a mouthful!  You just simply can’t rush experience…  you can’t fabricate it…  you can’t pretend to have it…  It is what it is.  Experience sets us on a different platform of life…  It’s called “Now I know!”

Many young people rush into relationships…  Fall in love in a moment…  Only to realize that their limited reservoir of experience is not even enough to identify love…  How can we really love someone we do not know?  What exactly are we loving about that person?

I remember as a baby Christian, I looked around at people in church and would see such expressions of love and adoration for the Lord as they worshiped.  Some were even in tears as they expressed their love.  I said to the Lord…  “I don’t think I love you…  At least not like these people.”  The Lord said to me… (This was the first time I was aware of God talking to me)...  He said, “You can’t love me until you know me.”  This made so much sense to me.  I started to read the Word of God and spend time in His presence to get to know Him and that was tremendous…  However, I must say that the greatest revelations I got of Him was through experiences…  As I went through little difficult patches in my life and I saw how He stepped in and helped me and held my hand, I got to know Him.

We are too quick to proclaim love, when we haven’t taken time to allow experiences to reveal the person to us and us to them.  In fact we are more in love with love… with the idea of love than the person.  Slow down! Give experience a chance!  Don’t be afraid to allow life to happen in front of them!  It may reveal some stuff.

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