Introverts are Awesome But…

By / November 1, 2017

Jacqui_small_60x80Someone recently shared an article with the headline “Introverts are Awesome”.  The language in the article and the comments that ensued were very aggressive toward people who apparently don’t understand this group.  The entire rhetoric lacked a basic humane element that should be common to all groups, whether Introvert, Extrovert or on the border of both.  This article caught my attention, because it was posted by a fellow believer and it made me ponder what this take on introversion would look like for a Christian.

In today’s world so many things are given labels and labels give us freedom and liberty to operate fearlessly within its parameters.  It seems to me that once we find a personality type that defines us, we are forever committed to portraying the behavioral traits of that personality (which btw may not be all good).  We identify with it to the point that it starts to dictate and control our responses.  It’s as if being an Introvert is no longer about processing things internally; stealing away to recharge your mental and emotional battery… It has become a fight against people.  People have become the enemy.  But we wear this cloak proudly because we seek to identify with others who carry this label.  My question is this… What about Transformation?  What about Change? What about the beautiful process of Metamorphosis, where we break the ugly outer shell and reveal the beauty of what is formed in obscurity; in ‘aloneness’?

It is beautiful to treasure being alone, quiet, reflective; away from the noise and the crowds.  It’s beautiful to come away from it all and sit quietly in the mountains like Jesus did when He sought to connect with His Father. Every Christian should! But what is the fruit of that obscurity and ‘aloneness’ that we crave, if it doesn’t make us more beautiful; more pleasant to be around; more available to touch lives in a light but lasting way?  What is the fruit of that obscurity and ‘aloneness’ if it instead makes us offensive, rude and wary of people?

Bottom line is that God is about people and if we are a part of a group that’s not about people, how can we ever be on the same page as our God?  

Christian Introverts are Awesome, but we still have the responsibility to shine… shine… shine!

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  1. Natalie C. Williams
    September 10, 2020 / 1:22 PM

    It’s funny I’m reading this article because I did a part 1 of an emotional intelligence training yesterday and part of the session was about introverts and extroverts.

    I am actually an introvert, which surprises many people because of how friendly I am, especially in a group of people. So it seems I have both types in me but lean more towards introvert, which, if I had to choose a type, it would definitely be INTROVERT!!

    Being warm, friendly and chatty is nice but I absolutely love my solitude! I don’t like being around people, and certainly not for any length of time; it’s not that I don’t like people, it’s just that I love my solitude and space more! I also don’t like drama, noise and to much interaction! 🙈. Being in nature, cooking, enjoying some Inspirational music and my pets; things like that, are my go to! Just doing ME 😊

    Introverts are beautiful beings who, when you get into a conversation with, can amaze you with their intelligence and sense of observation. 👍🏻