Living without Love

By / August 21, 2020

Living without Love! Is this even a topic? This may seem unheard of in a world that is currently overpopulated and apparently more intricately connected than it has ever been throughout the centuries. But yes, there are people living without love, because this world connects to and loves those who are most like them; those who can fit into their world; those who will agree with them and embrace their theology or lack thereof. So, in this world there are these “colored dots” (not a racial analogy… Lol!) sprinkled across the globe, who just stand alone. Sad to say, some of these singular “colored dots” sometimes stand alone, even in the Church. Thing is, most times these “colored dots” are so special; so unique; made for such a glorious purpose, that most of us who live in our one-dimensional, mostly grey world, just can’t relate to. Sadly, if we can’t easily relate to some people, we just leave them out.

I was chatting with a couple of people in different scenarios about the often-mentioned “square peg and round hole” analogy. Interestingly, we realize that nothing is wrong with the square peg, just like there’s nothing wrong with the round hole, but they struggle to fit into each other’s lives because they’re different. The scripture says of Paul “I have become all things to all men, that I might by all means save some.” So what Paul in effect was saying, that by the grace of God he was able to become that square hole to accommodate the square pegs and that round hole or any other shape as required. We should all endeavor to be as flexible when it comes to winning a soul for Christ. This flexibility however, was never about compromising his stand for Christ, it was more about assuming a posture that would make people feel comfortable enough to approach him and open up. This in itself is an expression of love, and would surely make room for every isolated “colored dot” out there. We must adopt this posture!

As we settle into church life though and we all start to discover our shapes and sizes in our quest to effectively serve the Lord, we realize that sometimes a square peg needs to remain square and a round hole needs to hold its shape. Why? Because each was created to stand out exactly as they are. Their divine purpose is attached to their design. The square peg would have to literally bruise and destroy itself to try to fit into the round hole and in doing so, would lose its beautifully created, unique edges; lose its very purpose on the earth. God created every square peg; every round hole; every “colored dot” to fulfill a specific purpose. In an effort to find acceptance, we sometimes trade our essence and lose our color; our shape; our size.

I believe that God’s ultimate plan has always been to celebrate each other’s uniqueness; to honour each other’s gifts and talents; to literally embrace the differences. Of course, I’m not talking about celebrating sinful lifestyles or destructive differences, but within the parameters of the Word of God. Especially choosing to love and embrace those “colored dots” who may process things in a different way or may excel in one area of their walk, but stumble, waddle or limp in another. Who, for all intents and purposes, were created to stand out in a more peculiar way for a divine purpose that God has chosen to keep to Himself.

I believe that every shape, size and color fits perfectly in their allotted “hole” in the Body of Christ and because we all have a “hole”; because we all belong here; we should all love and rejoice together in Him.

No one should ever have to ‘live without love’, because “We were created by Love, for Love, to Love”*

*(Quote from many of Apostle Dr. Austin de Bourg’s – Trinidad Christian Center App “Love Messages” Tab)


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