True Stories

Healed from Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome

At the altar I asked the lord to forgive my unbelief and ingratitude.

In 1999 I was diagnosed with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome. This is a disease in which the ovaries develop cysts which grow into benign tumors.  It can lead to infertility and even diabetes Type 2.  By 2000 I had over 15 tiny cysts on both ovaries with one very large one on my right ovary measuring over 6 cm and one a bit smaller on my left ovary. By 2004 the cyst on my right ovary had grown to over 14 cm and the smaller one to 7 cm.  I had been experiencing very painful periods and terrible abdominal pains for over four years with little relief.

I consulted two doctors and was informed that I would become infertile within two to three years. The second doctor recommended that I have them removed surgically and this was the only chance of my becoming pregnant. With this news plus other circumstances which confronted me, depression quickly set in and I felt desperate and alone.  I was consumed with a sense of hopelessness until I came into the Trinidad Christian Center family.  Although my faith was still very small I had hope that the Lord would heal me.

I attended a service on June 26th 2004, where Guest Minister, Prophetess Sylvia Mc Morris preached on “Having Confidence in the Lord”. The words of truth spoken from the pulpit that evening had my faith so stirred up that I literally ran to the altar when a call for healing was made. At the altar I asked the lord to forgive my unbelief and ingratitude and I repented of all my sins, surrendering totally to the Lord. I believe that the Holy Spirit began surgery on me that very night at the altar.

The next morning I experienced some discomfort in my lower abdomen and proceeded to the bathroom where two large, fleshy growths fell out of me into the toilet bowl. The following Saturday, I went to have a new ultrasound and to my delight and to the shock of the doctor, there were no cysts to be found on either of my ovaries. I was told by my doctor that my ovaries were NORMAL! All the heaviness, discomfort, painful periods, abdominal pain, and swelling have stopped completely!

Praise the Lord for His marvelous miracle of healing and for the teaching of truth in this ministry.  I give the Lord all the thanks and the glory!

By Lauren Berment