What is commonly accepted as “the church of Jesus Christ” today is far removed from what Jesus Christ Himself, calls His Church. Apostle Dr. Austin J. de Bourg is called to restore the truths that Satan has stolen from the Church of Jesus Christ. These books are vital resources for anyone who desires truth and whose heart is to know and do the will of God.

About the Author

Austin J. de Bourg is an accomplished Minister of Jesus Christ and Christian Author. Through his intimacy with the Trinity, he has received the revelation contained in his books. By every biblical definition, his life and ministry demonstrate the nature and characteristics of true apostolic ministry.  Many consider him a father in the faith, and a God has sent him to many nations of the world to equip, train, and empower ministers.  he has conducted ministerial training in Africa, India, Haiti, Jamaica, Canada and the USA and has mentored some in Austria and the Ukraine.  He continues to affect lives and bring change wherever the Lord sends him.